Capital TRUST Credit (Pvt) Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Capital TRUST Credit (Pvt) Ltd is a Margin Trading provider, licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

The company utilizes a proprietary Margin Trading system to cater to over 1,200 clients which is the largest number of clients in a Margin Trading Company in Sri Lanka.

The company provides new facilities with a quick turnaround time, which is an unparalleled industry benchmark.

What is Margin Trading?

Opening and operating a Margin Trading Account

In order to obtain a Margin Trading facility the client has to fill up a Margin Trading application form and enter in to a Margin Trading agreement,which is a tri-partite agreement between the margin trading provider, the client and the stock brokering firm.

Upon entering in to the Margin Trading agreement the client is offered a margin trading facility with an upper limit based on the value of the existing share portfolio. The client is allowed to purchase shares up to the limit subject to a margin of 50% of the value of the share portfolio pledged.

By utilizing the margin trading facility the investor can settle the outstanding balance remaining with the broking company or/and purchase additional securities subject to the upper limit of the margin trading facility and a margin of 50% of the value of the portfolio pledged.

All the purchases and sales that are carried out with the stock broking company are settled by Capital TRUST Credit (Pvt) Ltd on the settlement day which is on the third market day after the transaction takes place, with a seamless transfer of funds between the stock broking company and Capital TRUST Credit (Pvt) Ltd.

Further upon grating the margin trading facility the client is offered the access through the internet to proprietary Margin Trading system of Capital TRUST Technologies (Pvt) Ltd,where the clients can view the relevant records pertaining to the their margin trading facility including Loan Account statement, Portfolio Statement, Interest Account Statement, Margin Status Report etc.

Advantages of Margin Trading

Margin trading provides numerous advantages to an investor and some key benefits associated with margin trading are as follows.

Increased Buying Power – Investing with a margin trading facility allows an investor to purchase a greater number of securities than been able to purchase with own funds, thereby giving a larger exposure to the market and the possibility of greater returns whilst diversifying the rick. Further the additional funds available provide the investor an opportunity to look for bargains available in the stock market and to benefit from it.

Flexibility on utilization and repayment – The investor could utilize only the amount required for the investment rather than drawing a fixed amount and there are no minimum monthly payments or regular repayment criteria on a margin trading facilities. The utilization and the repayment could take place as per the investor’s discretion which provides a greater flexibility over many other financial products.

Board of Directors

Tushan Wickramasinghe

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

Entering into the financial services industry in 1991, through Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt) Ltd. today, Capital TRUST Holdings Group spans 30 fully owned subsidiaries in diverse business interests including Stock Broking, Wealth Management, Margin Trading, Corporate Finance, Education, Information Technology, Packaging and Investments.

Tushan is the Managing Director/CEO of Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt) Ltd, the Stock Brokering firm ranked number One in terms of Transaction Turnover, Brokerage Turnover and the number of Transactions in year 2021, FY 2021/22 and in year 2022. He has been credited with arranging many of the strategic transactions in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) and developing Sri Lanka’s leading stock broking firms with the largest local client base serviced through five branches.

With Tushan’s visionary guidance Capital TRUST Residencies (Pvt) Ltd., though a new entrant to the sector of property development, has won many awards at the Asia Property Summits including Best Boutique Developer (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Mid End Condo Development (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Affordable Condo (Sri Lanka) 2018, Best Condo Development (Sri Lanka) 2017 and Best Residential Interior Design (Sri Lanka) 2017. He has been instrumental in steering Capital TRUST Properties (Pvt) Ltd., to becoming a fully-fledged Real Estate solutions provider with its own portfolio of properties comprising of several office buildings, apartments, houses and lands as well as dominance in property brokering.

Tushan, as the Founder Director had the foresight in 1996 to establish Shakthi Institute, the leader in English Medium education in the G.C.E Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations with over 10,000 registered students.

He is the Deputy Chairman of ALFT Packaging Co. (Pvt) Ltd, the largest flexible packaging companies in Sri Lanka. Previously he was a Director of Lanka ORIX Leasing Co. PLC (2001 to 2009), People’s Merchant Finance PLC (2012 to 2015), and E Channeling PLC.

Tushan received the ‘Asia’s Greatest Leaders 2018’ Award at Asia’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018 award ceremony in Singapore in April 2019. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Edith Cowan University in Australia.

Methmal Senavirathne

Methmal Senavirathne

Director / Chief Financial Officer

Methmal is a Director and the Chief Financial Officer of Capital Trust Securities (Pvt) Ltd and has been the Chief Financial Officer of Capital TRUST Group of companies for the past 13 years. He is also a Director of Capital Trust Credit (Pvt) Ltd., a licensed Margin Trading Provider and Capital Trust Wealth Management (Pvt) Ltd., a licensed Asset Manager. He was a former Director of People’s Merchant Finance PLC.

Prior to joining Capital Trust Group, Methmal was attached to Amba Research, the largest capital markets specialist outsourcing firm, where he engaged with several global investment banks and fund management companies providing investment research support services.

Before that he worked as the Business Process Assurance Manager of Sara Lee Courtaulds, a UK based apparel conglomerate of consumer goods giant Sara Lee Corporation in the US, after holding several finance related positions in Courtaulds Clothing Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, a Joint Venture partnership of MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
Methmal is a Fellow of Chartered Certified Accountants UK, a Fellow of Chartered Management Accountants UK and holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
He counts 25 years of experience in the fields of Accounting and Finance.

Minoli Wickramasinghe

Executive Director

Mrs. Wickramasinghe is an Executive Director of Capital TRUST Holdings Limited and most of its subsidiaries. She heads the Real Estate cluster of the Group.  

She initially worked at DFCC Bank and Maersk Lanka. Thereafter she was the founder Director / Head of Corporate Training at Skills Lanka Limited, where she was instrumental in securing training for employees of a number of large companies and organizations in Sri Lanka. 

Having studied in Nigeria, Australia and Hong Kong throughout her academic career, she brings in a new perspective to doing business in Sri Lanka.  

She has obtained a BBA and a MBA from Edith Cowan University, Australia.



Methmal Senavirathne
Cheif Executive Officer

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