Step 1

1. Open a Local Individual account

  • 1A. Local Individual Account Opening Forms Download
  • 1B. Sample of filled account opening forms Download
  • 1B. Sample of filled account  Download
  •  Download
  •  Download

2. Open a Local Company account

  • 2A. Local Company Account Opening Forms Download
  • 2B. Sold Transfer forms for local Share Certificate Deposits (CDS 3) Download
  • 2C. Intra account / Inter Account transfer forms (CDS 6)  Download

3. Open a Foreign Individual account

4. Open a Foreign Company account

  • 4A.Application Form Download
  • 4B.KYC Form Download
  • 4C.Online Trading FormDownload
  • 4D.Supporting documents Download
  • 4E.Sold Transfer – Non Nationals Deposit of Shares (CDS 4) Download
  • 4F.Intra account / Inter Account transfer forms (CDS 6) Download

5. Other specimen forms / letters

  • 5A.Online Trading Registration Form Download
  • 5B.eService Form for SMS alerts Download
  • 5C.De-activation form for SMS alert service Download
  • 5D.Authority to hold sales proceeds of CDS account creditors Letter Download
  • 5E.Change of address specimen form Download
  • 5F.Change of address and lifting of suspension form Download
  • 5G.Application for the transfer of securities of a public company listed with CSE outside the trading system Download
  • 5H.Transfer of securities in the event of the death of a CDS account holder Download

Step 2

Please complete and handover a set of relevant original documents to your Stock Broker (as faxed or scanned copies are not accepted by the Colombo Stock Exchange).

Please also submit the following

  •  Copy of the Sri Lanka National Identity Card (NIC) or passport (Passport has to be a valid one).
  • Copy of proof of address if current address differs from NIC/Passport address (Billing proof document has to be one within the last three months).

Step 3

Within 02 days of submitting all necessary documents, you will receive your CDS account number via e-mail from our Customer Service Division.

Step 4

If you are a Commercial Bank / Sampath Bank Account holder registered for Internet Banking access, you may transfer fund from your account to the Capital TRUST Securities account held at the above banks, for investment in shares. Or alternatively, you may deposit funds to any one of the bank account given under FUND TRANSFER and email the deposit slip to

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