Capital Market Services

Going Public is an exciting process that brings together multiple business goals. You may be an entrepreneur who started a business around a good idea. A successful strategic formula has created shareholder value and now your company is ready for the next step.

In addition to the financial gains, a company that decides to go public will also increase its public awareness and credibility.

As you embark upon this exciting journey we at Capital TRUST will assist you to communicate your success story to the wider investor community with due interest and respect to make you look good under the public spotlight.

Pre IPO Advisory

During Pre-IPO advisory we prepare your company to ‘go public.’ This is with the motive of enhancing the market acceptance and commercial appealing of your value chains. The situational know-how put forward by our professionals will accommodate your idiosyncratic needs during this sensitive transition process. We are passionate to observe your growth story, which then will be transformed into a ‘value creation logic’ which is robust, transparent and easy to understand.

Initial Public Offers (IPOs)

During the issue management the prospectus will be designed to communicate the value creation logic to public investors for subscription. Evaluate and seek to corroborate the value creation story being put forward by the company while addressing typical investor concerns and presenting objective analysis, both upsides and downsides exposed by public investors.

Pricing will be structured in collaboration with you to reflect the current and future economic value creation to the prospective investors.

Debenture Issues

Act as managers to Listed and Unlisted Debenture Issues

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merging with another business entity is an off the shelf growth strategy which requires perfect chemistry in terms of business strategy, management style and financial policies. Successful integration will hinge upon prior knowledge of the entities that boils down to operational and behavioral aspects.

The multi-specialized professionals that we deliver at your service will assist you in;
  • Structuring the transactions;
  • Pitching & negotiating the mandates;
  • Handling financial due-diligence;
  • Valuations with comparative Share Swaps; and
  • Executing the M&A duly complying with the regulatory and legal formalities.

Private Placements (Primary Market / Unlisted)

Private placement is an alternative method of raising capital to your company. The process is low - key where only few selected investors will be invited to invest in your company. The selection will be exclusively at your discretion. Even though the process is less regulated, you might not want to compromise the real value of your assets being convinced to the potential investors.

As such, we will bring you the right people to the negotiation table with persuasive tactics to tackle the right issues in order to develop the right process to execute your transaction.

The deep roots to the capital markets that we have developed over the years will find you the perfect counterparty, in line with your strategic business interests for a win-win solution.

Capital Market Transactions (Secondary Market / Listed)

Secondary market transactions are all about finding the right Buyer / Seller at the right Price at the right Time.

Capital TRUST as an active participant and a strong force in the Sri Lankan capital markets will ensure speedy execution of your transaction, at the right price.

Mandatory Offers and Independent Opinions

Managing mandatory offers and independent opinions In terms of Merges and Acquisition Code

Business Advisory

Our professionals in Business Advisory are focused on helping you in deriving the optimal value from the underlying transaction.

We believe that prior knowledge is essential for a successful transaction. As such, we work with you to identify and manage any potential risks, analyze the quality of value drivers and to verify your assumptions based on which you place interest on the transaction, while ensuring that they are used effectively to achieve your strategic objectives.

As we become your trusted advisory partner, our support will remain throughout the transaction life cycle on both the 'buy side' and 'sell side' including pre-deal evaluation.

Transaction Services

Buy Side Assistance Sell Side Assistance
Pre Deal Evaluation Vender Assistance
Initial assessment of a target or an early stage of a business deal, to influence the bidding strategy, transaction structure, valuation and the negotiation process for a successful execution of your transaction. After having a clear understanding of what you are selling, we will assist you in evaluating a range of disposal options with a clear articulation of the asset worth.

While assisting you in maintaining control across the disposal process, we will ensure speedy execution with minimal erosion of value to the deal.
Financial Due Diligence
An open book investigative analysis of a business (after the Pre Deal Evaluation) to enhance the probability of success by providing intelligence on key risks and benefits throughout the transaction.

Corporate Valuations

Valuation is a subjective art with a fair share of complexity. The experts that we utilize shall do justice in quantifying your growth story with multiple valuation approaches driven through commercially sensible assumptions.

Our business valuation team performs valuations of business entities that may trigger for various reasons, Mergers & Acquisitions, Fairness Opinions, Private Placements, Internal Management Purposes and Disposals.

Performance Improvements and Other Value Added Services

The wealth of industry exposure has generated much value to our clients over the years. As a trusted advisory partner, we at Capital TRUST will assist our clients in improving their business with best practice recommendations where the implementation of which will assist you in achieving the wide business objectives.

The idiosyncratic needs put forward by you will be addressed with innovative value added services in transforming the company in to a commercially successful business.

  • Preparation of Corporate / Business Plans
  • Corporate / Finance Restructuring
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Employee Share Option Plans


Securitization is a process of Financial Engineering that transformations an illiquid asset into a liquid security.

Sometimes, assets are worth more off the balance sheet than on it, therefor assets in the form of ‘Receivables’ are sold off the balance sheet to realize the economic value today.

Securitization of assets can add liquidity, improve economic efficiency and generate much needed finance for business expansions.

Structuring of the Transaction

Gained from years of experience in structured finance, the experts at Capital TRUST Financial will structure the securitization transaction to best fit the cash flow behavior of your company with due considerations to other credit enhancement mechanisms and risk mitigation techniques.

The structured finance transaction will be corroborated into an Information Memorandum where the particulars of the transaction will be communicated to the prospective investors.

Placement Agent to the Transaction

On a best effort basis, arrange investors to the securitized papers, while managing investor queries, in particular to the Information Memorandum and the transaction.

Investor Intelligence

Commercial Due-Diligence

Capital TRUST Financial provides commercial due-diligence reporting, which usually involves a comprehensive review of the Target Market Segment in the context of the prevailing market dynamics.

Commercial due diligence is primarily focused on clients who perceive a New Market Entry, Competitive Intelligence, Strategy Developments or validation of Pre-Deal Market Entry Assumptions.

Starting from the pre-deal investigations, the inputs of Commercial due-diligence range across the deal spectrum where variables are interpreted from a commercial eye.


In addition to handling various corporate finance related work, the research divisions also assist clients in their informational requirements while releasing regular updates on current market affairs.

Disciplined by uncompromised ethical standards, the reports that we produce has generated immense vale to our clients in their informed decision makings.

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